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Bermuda, Canada (East of the 77th meridian), Connecticut, Delaware, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York (East of the 77th meridian), Pennsylvania (East of the 77th meridian), Rhode Island and Vermont



Region 1

15th Best Cat


GRC, RW Tellmenotails Nikki Too

Br/Ow. Josephine Graziano


This edition I asked Josephine Graziano about her Manx.

Josephine lives in Massachusetts and shows her Manx in Region 1.

Question: What about the Manx caught your interest?

Josephine:  Getting involved with the Manx breed began back in June of 2001.
I had been showing cats in CFA since 1998 and showed a few different breeds. I granded every cat that I showed but then I thought it might be nice to go further. I began looking in old Almanacs and I came upon the Manx. I fell in love with what I saw


Question:  Were there many Manx breeders around your area?
Josephine:  I contacted Terry Drum from Brerbit Cattery and the rest is history.

Question:  Where did you go to find the Manx you wanted?
Josephine:  I drove to KY. all alone from Massachusetts to pick up Brerbit's Baditude, aka Tudy. Tudy is a gorgeous Tortie and white and was a one show grand. How about that for an exciting start.


Question:  That is wonderful.  I can imagine Massachusetts winter weather presents a challenge to consistant showing?
Josephine:  Missed a show because of a frozen pipe. No big problems just a nuisance. Have a show this weekend in NH. Not too far away.  I drove over 500 miles one way for her last show.    Yes, it's too darn cold here. Too late in life to move now, but God willing, come retirement I'm going where it's warm
Have you ever wondered why the wind whines in the trees?
Josephine: Tell me.
Answer: Because it wants winter to be over!
Question:  Were you satisfied with the one Manx?
Josephine:  Asked a million questions. I just wanted a show quality Premier. I had no intentions of breeding. I got into breeding because I just love this breed. I have had other breeds, this is the best for me. ...Kracker Barrel came along in 2002 and shortly after Imperial Gesture, my stud. Kracker Barrel and Gessie produced Tellmenotail's Nikki Too born in the wee hours of the morning April 1, 2003.  That litter of 4/1/03 only produced two living kittens. Both very much show quality but the Tortie much better than the Red Tabby. Vito is living in Hellertown, Pa. He has a great home with a couple who have no children and they intend to show him later. I can only hope he does well too.


Tellmenotail's Nikki Too
She is a whopper~!
Are her eyes really that copper?
[now I am a poet  <g>]
Josephine:  Yes, those eyes are even more vivid in person. Just gorgeous.  She is a true show kitty. Sits up and looks out at the crowd. Big copper, copper eyes, very vivid and expressive. What more could I want?

Question: I love it, she is your "April Fools" baby. Where did you find the name for Nikki Too?
Josehphine:  I promised my nephew Nicholas he could name the kitten. Nicholas was 13 years old at the time and thought he'd be funny and name her Hershy Squirts, Jr. There was a discussion and we came to a compromise, Nikki Too was our choice.

Question: Did you show Nikki Too as a kitten?
Jopsephine:  Nikki was a show cat from day one. She stood in the ring and just about told the crowd, "hey look at me." She was a ham and still is a ham. Nikki Too was a RW as a kitten
Question: And so of course you would show her as an adult also?
Jopsephine:  Yes and then she went on to be a RW as an adult.
Question:  And I understand that the Manx are a slow maturing Breed that tend to get better and better as they showing them in all three classifications is a common thing to do?
Josephine: With Nikki Too that has certainly been the case, we are half finished with this show season and Nikki Too is still the happiest Premier when she has her audience to ham it up for.
Question: In this edition of MANX TALES I have included an article about the CFA Mentoring Program.  Would you have any advice for the new exhibitor?
Josephine:  Just show your cat to the best of your ability and the key word here is have fun! This is a great hobby. I have a mobility problem and this is about the only competing I can do now besides Checkers. I try to bench with friends who can jump in and help. Someone is always willing to give me a hand and I appreciate the offer. I'm a tough old bird and I hate to ask. So, thanks to all.

Question:  I see where there are Manx that have been running the Agility Courses, Nikki has done about everything else, have you thought about doing that with Nikki Too?

Josephine:  Not Agility but, Nikki also does pet therapy. We visit the retired Sisters of St. Joseph in Framingham, Ma., once a month. Most of the Sisters have never seen a Manx.

Question: Do you ever kid with them & say you forgot to bring the tail?  My granddaughter has a piece of rabbit fur on the end of a string on a stick and she tells the spectators that we put the tail on the string.

Josephine:  I'm not sure what they would think.

MMQ: Thank you for sending the information & photos...made it easy for me.

Josephine:  Thank you! This has been a labor of loves, as I've said. I just adore the breed.....JO

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