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About Us

On this page we will describe our background and philosophy.


The objectives of the American Manx Club [AMC] are:
  • To encourage the breeding and showing to standard of Manx Cats.
  • To sponsor shows, to promote interest regarding breeding, exhibiting, care and knowledge of the Manx Cat.
  • To cultivate friendship and common interest among the membership.
  • To advance in every way possible the welfare of breeders and exhibitors, and to promote the welfare of all cats.
  • To give awards to high-scoring Manx in each given CFA show season.

The AMERICAN MANX CLUB  is here to serve as a guide to preserve & protect our beloved Breed.  Over the years we have taken our members suggestions on ways to accomplish the goals presented above. 
 We are here to serve your needs, and give you a place to share your love for the Manx. 

The American Manx Club is affiliated with CFA.

Please note that the links & contributions  offered on this page do NOT represent an endorsement nor agreement with any of the philosophies espoused on some of these sites and/or their links, but instead reflects our  objective of furthering the advancement of all Animal Welfare and wish to help provide links to information and programs for the benefit of the cats.

Edited by Margaret Messer-Quick.